Thank you for checking the Question(Q&A).

It has been almost a month since we opened on March 14, 2022!
We have summarized the improvements during the month and added them to the FAQs.
There are still many improvements to work on and we appreciate your continued support!

What are the best clothes for picking strawberries?
You should come in comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.
Also, we recommend casual clothes.
Please care about your step when picking strawberries because there are areas hard to walk.

Please teach the flow of picking strawberries(harvesting).
Please leave your large baggage and bag, in the backpacks in the car after stopping the car at the free parking area.
However, bringing your small bag and valuables, camera, cell phone, and beverage are not banned.
Next, following the procedures at the reception, please enter the designated building.
After entering the garden, you can enjoy picking strawberries with your hand.
We request that you eat all strawberries that you pick because you can’t bring them back.

The customer who hopes to bring back strawberries, please purchase them at the products area.

About arriving before booking time.
If arriving at the farm before booking time, please follow the local staff and go through reception.
In general, we wish you to wait until the booking time.

Are there any items that should not be brought to the farm?
Please leave large luggage bags and backpacks because they are not allowed in the park.
You must not bring the baggage except for a small bag and valuables, a camera, and a cell phone.
Also, a limited number of lockers for valuables are available.
It is hot on the farm, so bring a drink and stay hydrated.

About bringing in food and beverages
Please do not bring in any food items.
However, bringing your beverage is allowed because it is hot on the farm.

Is it possible to pick strawberries even if it rains?
Since picking strawberries is held in the greenhouse, please come with confidence.

Can I go out and re-enter the greenhouse after entering?
Re-entering is banned.
After using the restroom in advance, please enter the greenhouse when you are ready.
Please ask a staff to help you pick up any items you may have left in your car.

About customer entrance and exit times
The park staff will give you a tag indicating the end time.
The representative must wear it around the neck and be on time.

Is it possible to pick strawberries at a height that is accessible to small children and wheelchairs?
They can be picked at a height of about 100 cm from the ground, but small children should be provided with a special step ladder to make harvesting easier.
A limited number of dedicated stepladders are available, so please ask staff if you would like one.
Adults are required to assist small children in harvesting.
Small children are not allowed to walk around alone.
Wheelchair users are welcome to come and visit, as we have a priority area.

Do the fees for picking strawberries to (harvesting)vary by variety?
There is no difference in the fees for different varieties.We have the best strawberries in season ready for picking.

I want to send my picked strawberries to my friend, can I ship them?
You can ship nationwide.
Customers who wish to use the service should come to the reception, where you can complete the shipping procedures.
You cannot ship the strawberries you have picked, but you can send the strawberries you have bought to the merchandising area.

About meal Q&A

Is there an area to eat?
There is a Dining space (It’s called “MOGUMOGU Space) in the reception building and benches in Building B.

About children’s plate
Please ask our staff for help, we have children’s plates available.

About Hand sanitizing wipes
We prepare hand sanitizing wipes, please ask our staff if there are no them in the dining space.

How many people can fit in the dining space (MOGUMOGU Space)?
The capacity is for 42 people, but there is a limit to the number of people who can use the Corona solution.

About hull box (trash box)
We will give you a trash box at the equipment pick-up point, so please keep it with you until you get to the eating area.
When you are finished using the trash box, please dump the trash yourself and take them to the return station next to the pickup location.

About returning hull box (trash box)
Please cooperate to bring them to the return station after dumping the trash into the trash box.

Q&A about facilities

How large is the field?
Building A: It has an area of 2500 square meters.
Building B: It has an area of 2000 square meters. There is a priority area for pets and wheelchairs.
Building C: It has an area of 2000 square meters. The general public is not allowed to enter there because it is a staff area.

About wheelchair-accessible restrooms
Currently, we do not have wheelchair-accessible restrooms on the farm.
We prepare to establish them this fall, we apologize for the inconvenience, please cooperate by stopping at the restroom in advance and coming here.

Is there a parking area?
Free parking for approx. 30 cars is available.

Please tell us how to access the site.
We suggest taking the route from the Nakano IC as the nearest interchange, but you can also come from other routes.

What time is the best to call?
Our staff is available during business hours.
Weekday: a.m.10:00~p.m.4:00
Sat&Sun: a.m.9:30~p.m.4:30

Please tell us about the reservation deadlines and cancellation.
Reservations close one hour before farm entry time.
Cancellations are accepted until 8:00 a.m. the day before.
In case of emergency, please call the farm.

About bees in the greenhouse
Bees work in the greenhouses to pollinate.
They are very mild, but should not be approached or irritated by the nest box.
Please note that the garden cannot be held responsible for any stings caused by irritating bees.

About staff clothes
Please feel free to ask for help if you need it so we have staff wearing uniforms.

Establishment of Questionnaire Forms
If you have any observations, improvements, or comments about your time at the farm, please fill out the survey form located in the MOGUMOGU Space.
Q&A about pets

Can I bring my pet with me when I enter the farm?
There is a private area outside the greenhouses. Our staff will show you around.
Please use a pet cart or sling to avoid disturbing other customers when picking.
Please take used diapers.
I wish you would follow the manners.
We refuse entry to guests who we judge to be ill-mannered.
Vaccination certificates are required for pets in some cases.
Also, please inquire in advance about certain types of pets other than dogs.

About reception for customers with pets
In consideration of various comments, we have decided that pets are not allowed in the reception building.
If you are coming to the park with a pet cart or sling, we are sorry, please wait at the pet anchor near the entrance of the reception building and complete the registration process.

About how to spend time in the pet priority area
It’s allowed that you use your pet cart.
There is an exclusive entrance in the priority area, so please follow the staff to enter the farm.

【About the day of your visit】
・The dog leash, the harness for the dog
・The beverage container
・The plastic bottle filled with water
・Toilet seat
・Tissues, wet wipes
・Garbage bag

We wish you to bring them.
If your pets are not fully potty training, please wear manner pants.
Please do not put pets down on the ground, even if they are on a leash.