Full of delicious strawberries, this is a hands-on harvesting farm that can be enjoyed by friends, couples, families, or even by one person.

We welcome groups from nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and other schools as part of their nutrition education programs.

It is divided into three buildings, A: B: C. You will enjoy picking strawberries in buildings A and B.
Building c is dedicated to shipping.

We have wheelchair harvesting, a baby diaper changing area, and a pet-free area, and we will do our best to make this space a place where you and we can smile together.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Picking Strawberries (Harvesting)


※ The day-off of Picking Strawberries (Harvesting): every Monday is closed (when Monday is a national holiday, Tuesday is closed)
※ The farm will be closed from June to November 2022th.
(Notice) Picking guidance may not be available due to weather and growing conditions.


Per 1 person (1h)/
fee (consumption tax included)
Adult (over the junior high school) 2,500yen
Over 65 years old 2,000yen
From 4 years old to Grade5 1,500yen
Under 3 years old free
Pets (small dogs under 10kg) 500yen (per 1 dog)
Hours of operation
weekday From a.m.10:00 to p.m.4:00
holiday From a.m.9:30 to p.m.4:30

※Hours of availability may change depending on the season.
※Pets are required to wear a leash and use a pet cart or sling.
We can provide pet carts at the farm, but the number is limited.

Location Transportation

  • Location:
    2038 Hirakawa-Cho, Midori-Ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
  •  Visitors coming by car:
    It takes from Chiba-Togane Road [Nakano IC]
  •  Visitors coming by train and bus:
    From JR Honda Station on the Sotobo Line, take the Chiba Chuo Bus bound for Ochi Hanamizukidai and get off at Hirakawa Iriguchi Bus stop (8minutes), 13minutes on foot.

  • From Doke Station on the JR Sotobo Line, take the Chiba Chuo Bus bound for Honda Station and get off at Hirakawa Iriguchi Bus Stop (15minutes), 13minutes on foot.

  • ※Search for "Ichigo Monogatari Chiba" on Google Maps to set your destination.

To prevent the spread of COVID 19, local governments may request people to refrain from going to these events.
We sincerely ask that you also take sufficient precautions to prevent the spread of infection.
Please check the latest information before using the site.